About Us

With 21 years of the founders engaged in the Northern Uganda Region, Mako General Motors & Warehousing Co. Uganda Ltd was founded with the abundant understanding of the needs of the regional domestic market and that of the neighboring countries of South Sudan, and DR Congo. The need for our customers to quickly access genuine high end spares, parts and service within the region thereby increasing efficiency and minimizing cost of long journeys, accommodation and work force. The company’s location at the heart of Gulu City provides opportunities to other stakeholders far and wide to deliver the best products and services possible to their customers in the form of partnerships.  Mako General Motors &Warehousing Company Uganda Limited is located on Plot 22, Oola Labara Road, Kanyagoga B, Bardege Division, in Gulu City, Gulu district in the Northern Uganda region.

The company has up to 30,000 sqm of space separated in two buildings; Warehouse of 8000 sqm and Service bay that accommodates up to 5 cars. Office space and a 24 hour Standby generator. As a businesswe are open to all Individual customers, Government agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations, companies and Farm owners in this region. Our customers are either walk-in customers or contractual customers.
We customize our pricing based on an agreement with a particular customer such that everyone is a winner

An Account Relationship Manager from Mako General Motors will be assigned to the customer. He will be the link between the company and the customer in case of any service . 

alternatively, the customer may drive or tow the car to our service point.

An assessment is done by the chief Engineer and a quotation is generated and issued to the customer. The customer consents to the quotation by signing on the assessment form.
For field services, repairs and maintenance, a team of mechanics shall be dispatched to the customer’s workstation; farm, office or location of breakdown to ascertain the necessary action/solution required.
A technician/mechanicwho is supervised by Engineer is assigned to work on the vehicle. The customer is advised on the duration of the work.
For quality assurance, the Engineer inspects the vehicle before it is released to the customer.

At Mako General Motors, we provide our dear customers with basic training on maintenance and fault detection. Preventive measures are passed on to our customers at service points.

An account shall be opened at the Dealership to ease the flow of transactions (purchase of service parts and spares) Contractual agreements shall be entered into between Mako General Motors and the Dealership to guide on the scope/nature of work

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