• To provide a fully well-equipped service center with the aim of doing fast service to Vehicles, Farm equipment and machineries in Real Time.
  • To provide genuine parts to our customers and increase vehicle, equipment and machinery life span.
  • To safe guard car owners against purchasing counterfeit spares and parts from the open market sources.
  • To minimize customer expenditures on fuel, travels and accommodation for its staff in relation to sourcing for spares and servicing from Central Uganda(Kampala)
  • To increase Human resource productivity of our customers through offering tailor made services such as vehicle pick-ups and deliveries after work is completed. The customer is free to continue with his normal day-today activities as we work on his vehicle.
  • To sell and distribute genuine engine oils and industrial lubricants that prolong the life of customer vehicles and machineries.
  • To provide field services and maintenance to Generators, vehicles and Machineries to field clients.
  • To partner with reputable automotive manufacturing companies and dealers in bringing services and products closer to the customers.
  • To sell and distribute all motorcycle brands, spares and accessories.
  • To service and maintain various types of motorcycles for individuals and companies
  • To sell and distribute all automobile batteries and battery acids.
  • To service and maintain various types of vehicles for individuals and companies.
  • To sell used and new Motor Vehicles.
  • To sell Vehicle and Solar batteries
  • To provide a Model training center for ware house management, mechanics, vehicles and Machine Maintenance to field staff and other stakeholders.
  • To provide Rental services for ware houses and offices
  • To provide storage facilities for customers.
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